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O Rings, Custom Gaskets, Rubber Sheet & Stripping, Hydraulic Seals

Serving Baltimore Industry for 100 years

1919 - 2019

Phone -- (410)789 2233
Fax -- (410)789 2238

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Compression & Valve Stem Packing

Flax Packing Style #1300

Non Asbestos Compressed Sheet

Green 711AF,

Hydraulic Seals & "V" Packing

Back-Up Rings, Wear Bands & Wipers

Sheets, Tapes & Gaskets

Fiberglass Std. & Bolt Hole Tapes
Braided Fiberglass Boiler Rope

Rubber Sheets, Strips & Gaskets

Red Sheet, Neoprene, Diaphragm, Pure Gum, Buna N (White or Black), Cloth-Inserted, Viton, Hypalon, Silicone, Closed Cell or Open Cell Sponge, Adhesive Backed material and gaskets, Paramoid, Cork, Buna N/Cork, Felt, Fiber, and Lead

Buna, Teflon, Viton, Kal-Rez and Silicone
TFE Encapsulated

Teflon Products

Sheets, Rings, Tape, Square Braid Packing, Paraseal ("Gore-tex")Gasket and "O" Rings

Other Products

Buna-N, Neoprene Cord Stock

Copper Gaskets
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Cements, Permatex, Graphite
Water Gauges, Glass, Micas, and Rods
Gauge Glass Washers, Neoprene or Marvel
Gauge Glass Cutters, Fusible Plugs
Packing Tools

Gasket Cutting Tools

Bearing Scrapers
Hand Cleaner, Pipe Thread Sealers
Adhesive Sponge, Felt Strips
Hyd, Leather and Rubber Cups
"V" Packing and "U" Packing


Gaskets, Packing, Rubber, Tubular Gauge Glass

Baltimore Metro Area -- (410)789 2233
Fax -- (410)789 2238

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